Fascinating story

Study the history of the Imaginarium, how it changed and what happened until you appeared in this world. Lots of exciting third-party stories that you can find both randomly and by talking to residents...

Your path - your history

You will have the right to decide which way you want to go and how you want your adventures to end, with whom you want to become friends, and with whom the worst enemies and whom you want to kill and who to save in a new war...

Creativity and peace

The power of imagination and the ability to change the world as you want in your hands. You can prevent create, destroy created by you, but you will not break and continue to develop Imaginarium...

Colorful world

Many challenging dungeon, Islands, which can be both on land and soar in the sky, szdata interesting, bizarre and scary monsters, and most importantly the good people of the Imaginarium...

Game trailer

Teaser trailer of the game in which you can see the footage of one of the cards, which has changed and where there are new interesting places...