Upcoming release week

 Very soon the week of big updates for the game will begin. These updates will focus on: improving and creating a more diverse gameplay, changing the graphics of the game world, adding creatures, adding new locations, the beginning of the creation of the main and passive stories. Here is the update schedule:
  • January 7  (20:00 Msk)   -   update v0.1a
  • January 17  (15:00 Msk)   -   update v0.1b
  • January 24  (15:00 Msk)   -   update v0.1
  • February 1  (20:00 Msk)   -   update v0.2

Happy New Year!

 BurnCorner team wants to congratulate you with the upcoming or already happy new year. I would like to wish you good luck, so that you all went more than well and that you had enough money for the hoof of everything that you want and of course for our game.
 Just want to say that the group team BurnCorner held a game competition. Participation in the competition is a couple of easy points with which you can read all in the same group.
 Once again all happy new year 2019!!

Game testing and new plan

 Since January 8, the game goes into open testing and active development from scratch, and the new plan.

Heavenly city

 Now the game has a new level referred to as"heavenly city". This level is designed to test new: objects, creatures, and more that will appear in the game while it is in the open test version.

​​​​​​The first crossings of the worlds

 January 9, the official group in VK BurnCorner held a poll "How to make the transition between levels?". As a result of the vote, it was decided to make two options for the transition between the levels:
     * Through the main menu, by selecting a level
     * Make rapid transitions between nekotorymi cards